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Hey TU brothers

Im looking to visit Bozeman to investigate a move, I was plannning on bring my rod and box a flies, looking for either a group heading out for a few hours to join or just some advice on where I could drive/walk in order to bank or wade fish for a few hours.  I have my 2 day permit in hand ( wow that was cheap!!??)  and tips or places to go that will not be over hard to reach and not crowded.   

One other question, I live in Tennessee and regularly see black bears on my 16 acres mountain property, so I am use to it and they never bother me and I respect them.  Do I need to be pprepared for bear, ie bear spray? is is really needed, or just a bell, whistle, airhorn, or not to worry ( you know beacuse they sleep until late August!! HAHA

Thanks for the help


Chuckey, Tennessee


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